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Top ten OUPblog posts of 2014 by the numbers

We’re kicking off the new year with a retrospective on our previous one. What was drawing readers to the OUPblog in 2014? Apparently, a passion for philosophy and a passion for lists. Here’s our top posts published in the last year, in descending order, as judged by the total number of pageviews they attracted.

(10)   “True or false? Ten myths about Isaac Newton” by Sarah Dry

(9)   “A map of Odysseus’s journey”

(8)   “10 facts about the saxophone and its players” by Maggie Belnap

(7)   “Five things 300: Rise of an Empire gets wrong” by Paul Cartledge

(6)   “Coffee tasting with Aristotle” by Anna Marmodoro

(5)   “Reading Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations with a modern perspective” by Christopher Gill

(4)   “Is Amanda Knox extraditable from the United States to Italy?” by Cherif Bassioun

(3)   “25 recent jazz albums you really ought to hear” by Ted Gioia

(2)   “The impossible painting” by Roy T. Cook

(1)   “Why study paradoxes?” by Roy T. Cook

Older (pre-2014) blog posts that continued to attract attention this year include: “10 facts about Galileo Galilei” by Matt Dorville; “Ten things you might not know about Cleopatra” by Anne Zaccardelli; “Cleopatra’s True Racial Background (and Does it Really Matter?)” by Duane W. Roller; “Quantum Theory: If a tree falls in forest…” by Jim Baggott; “SciWhys: Why are we told always to finish a course of antibiotics?” by Jonathan Crowe; and many more.

Headline image credit: Bunting Flag by Raul Varela – @Shonencmyk via The Pattern Library.

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