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Understanding Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder [infographic]

What if our perceptions of our own thoughts, or the world around us, changed in an inexplicable way? What if the world suddenly seems strange and unfamiliar? This is the story of millions of people worldwide who experience depersonalization/derealization disorder (DDD). This condition causes a serious disruption in a person’s experience of the self that alters their entire world.

Depersonalization is the third most common psychiatric symptom, yet clinicians and lay people still know little about its presentation and treatment. While it can indeed be a symptom accompanying other mental illnesses, it is also a full-blown disorder itself, recognized by every major diagnostic manual.

Learn more about the symptoms of DDD in the infographic adapted from the second edition of Feeling Unreal by Daphne Simeon and Jeffrey Abugel.

Understanding Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder (DDD).

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