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Artificial Intelligence – Episode 35 – The Oxford Comment

Imagine a world where the majority of our workforce was composed of robots as capable and as psychologically similar to human beings. The robots are constantly working and are faster and more efficient than humans—leaving humans to be pushed towards early retirement to enjoy a life of leisure and wealth due to a large growth in investments on this artificial intelligence (AI). But don’t get too excited about this luxurious idea just yet—Robin Hanson, author of The Age of Em, cautions that this may not be a reality for another few decades.

So what does currently exist in the development of AI today? Our multimedia producer Sara Levine chats with Robin Hanson; Robert Repino, an editor in OUP’s Reference Department and author of Mort(e) from SoHo Press; Maggie Boden, author of AI: Its Nature and Future; and Steve Furber, Editor-in-Chief of The Computer Journal this month on The Oxford Comment to find out. Together, they explore the dichotomy between what is expected of artificial intelligence in the future and what is actually happening in the field today—including the use of AI to solve climate change and disease diagnosis issues and to provide us with better insight into the human mind.

Featured image credit: “Robot Eye” by thehorriblejoke. CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

Recent Comments

  1. Adam

    Aztekium Bot is an interesting form of AI.

  2. Emma Burton

    AI is as fascinating as it is scary. I am sure that it will definitely help the human race get the answers to so many questions so much quicker, but it’s also scary as there are so many things that could go wrong. Once AI is given unlimited access to the internet, it will surely decide that the human race needs to be saved by itself.
    An “Age of Ultron” scenario seems really realistic, or at the very least Isaak Asimov’s I,Robot type of deal seems inevitable.

  3. mamina sahu

    good episode!!!!

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