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Since 2005, the talented authors, staff, and friends of Oxford University Press provide daily commentary on nearly every subject under the sun, from philosophy to literature to economics. OUPblog is a source like no other on the blogosphere for learning, understanding and reflection, providing academic insights for the thinking world.

Alice Northover joined Oxford University Press and the OUPblog in January 2012. You can also find her tweeting @OUPAcademic and Facebooking as Oxford Academic. Prior to joining Oxford, she worked in book publicity, annoyed colleagues about social media, argued semantics, and fantasized about running away to Paris and living as a late 1950s “intello.” Now she can be found wandering aimlessly around New York, obsessing about her cat, and still arguing semantics. Learn more about Alice. You can reach Alice at alice(dot)northover(at)oup(dot)com.
Julia Callaway, Deputy Editor

Dan Parker, Deputy Editor


Past Editors

Kirsty Doole (2010-2014)
Kirsty Doole has served as a contributing editor and UK blog editor for the OUPblog. She joined Oxford University Press in the UK in July 2005. She is now Publicity Manager for Oxford Journals, Literature, and the Oxford World’s Classics series. Pre-OUP, she was a dedicated bookseller. She loves Victorian literature, social history, and terrible television. Learn more about Kirsty.
Nicola Burton (2011-2013)
Nicola Burton served as a contributing editor to the OUPblog in 2011 and as UK blog editor from 2012-2013. She joined the UK publicity team at Oxford University Press in August 2011 and is now Publicity Manager for Oxford Dictionaries and OUP’s language and reference lists. She also tweets @OED and @OxfordWords. In previous years, Nicola could be found working in technology PR, drinking in East London pubs, and globetrotting with an overly large pink backpack. Learn more about Nicola.
Lauren Appelwick (2010-2011)
Lauren Appelwick served as OUPblog Editor from June 2010 – November 2011. She took up OUPblogging after coming from the US publicity department and succeeding longtime Editor Rebecca Ford. Prior to her life at Oxford, Lauren spent most of her free time working on her novel (there is no novel), studying economic theory (no she didn’t), and working as a theater technician and carpenter (actually, that last part’s true). She continues to work in the tech scene following her departure from Oxford. Learn more about Lauren.

Rebecca Ford (2005-2010)
Editor Rebecca Ford joined Oxford after working as a staff writer for Creative Loafing. She left in 2010 to attend law school. Read Becca’s goodbye entry on the blog. Learn more about Rebecca.

Matt Sollars
Founding OUPblog editor.