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Friday Procrastination: Any Questions Part Two

Last Friday I offered to answer any questions that were sent into me by this Thursday. Today I will answer a few of these. First though, I thought I would provide a clip from a blogger summit I attended this week at NBC. The summit was a great chance for me to meet all sorts of bloggers who live in NYC and hear a bit about how NBC plans to incorporate blogs into their news coverage. Answers to your questions after the jump.

Q: How can you have enough stuff to post twice a day?

A: The problem isn’t having enough material, for there are endless books, but having enough time in the day to write the actual post.

Q: What happens if you go on vacation?

A: Very good question. In fact, I am going on vacation next week. But lucky for you there will still be two posts a day. How? Because most blogging software comes with a post timer.

Q: What is your middle Name?

A: Amy

Q: Name your favorite five non-Oxford fiction books? Non-fiction books?

A: Fiction: Leviathan, The Corrections, Bleak House, Love in the Time of Cholera, Ender’s Game. Non-Fiction: Schoolgirls, Salt, The Liar’s Club, The Solace of Open Spaces, The Enigma of Arrival.

Q: Where is your favorite place to read?

A: In my bed.

Q: Microsoft Word is underlining the words “blog” and “blogger” in red. Aren’t all things that Microsoft doesn’t recognize phooey? (“Phooey” didn’t get underlined.)

A: Microsoft is behind the times. As you can see from the video above, even the mainstream media recognizes blogs.

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