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How to recognise and treat an episode of psychosis [infographic]

Psychosis is a rare experience and often misunderstood within society. It often first occurs in late adolescence or early adulthood—an exciting but often tumultuous time of role transitions and challenging new opportunities such as college and employment. An episode of psychosis can be frightening for those undergoing it, and for their loved ones, and navigating through evaluation, treatment, and recovery can be a stressful and isolating experience. It’s important to spread awareness that with the right support, those experiencing psychosis can take an active, informed role in their care and journey to recovery.

Learn more about the symptoms, stages, and treatments for psychosis in the infographic adapted from The First Episode of Psychosis, which supports young people and their families experiencing the initial episode of psychosis.

Key facts on psychosis. Psychosis is a treatable disorder of the brain that disrupts an individual's ability to understand the difference between personal experiences and reality. Many of our ideas about psychosis are not true.

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