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Mind the gap: the growth of economic inequality - The Oxford Comment podcast

Mind the gap: the growth in economic inequality [podcast]

The world is navigating a troubling economic situation. Inflation has become a global issue, concerning policy makers and private citizens equally. Energy and supply chains woes are continuous. Interest rates, consumer prices, and cost-of-living have soared, with many economists positing that the current trajectory is indicative of a coming recession.

Amid these crises, how do we recover? How can we address such financial distress and inequity, and how might we go about enacting more permanent resolution?

On today’s episode, the first for 2023, we spoke with Chris Howard, author of Who Cares: The Social Safety Net in America, and Tom Malleson, author of Against Inequality: The Practical and Ethical Case for Abolishing the Superrich, on the social safety net, the ethical implications of extreme wealth, and what steps can be taken to achieve economic equality.

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If you would like to find out more about the social safety net in America, we’ve made the introduction to Chris Howard’s new book, Who Cares: The Social Safety Net in America free for 3 months.

Before writing Against Inequality, Tom Malleson argued on behalf of economic democracy in After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21st Century. Its first chapter, also free for 3 months, can be found here. Tom also co-wrote Part-Time for All: A Care Manifesto with Jennifer Nedelsky, which proposed a plan to radically restructure both work and care.

We’ve freed Gøsta Esping-Andersen and John Myles’ chapter, “Economic Inequality and the Welfare State“, from The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality (edited by Brian Nolan et al), which discusses the difficulties of capturing the impact of the welfare state on income inequality. 

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Lastly, check out these Open Access journal articles and book chapters, which can all be found on Oxford Academic:

Featured Image: Towfiqu barbhuiya, CC0 via Unsplash.

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