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Top ten OUPblog posts of 2016 by the numbers

Our most-read blog posts of 2016 are… not published in 2016. Once again, for the third year in a row, Galileo, Cleopatra, and quantum theory dominated the traffic on the OUPblog. However, the 2016 posts that attracted the most pageviews ranged in subject from philosophy to literature, and from mathematics to law. As you might expect, people were also interested in learning more about Shakespeare and politics in 2016. Please find the top ten performing blog posts on the OUPblog in 2016 below:

#10    Is the mind just an accident of the universe?
Exploring the renaissance of Panpsychism in the 21st century.

#9     How do people read mathematics? 
Why reading mathematical proofs is different from reading any other material and it takes years of training to perfect it.

#8     Top ten developments in international law in 2015
A round-up of what changed in international law in 2015.

#7     Top ten essential books for aspiring lawyers
A list of ten thought-provoking titles that new law students should endeavour to read.

#6     Philosophers of the year, quiz
A quiz testing your knowledge of key philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Kant.

#5     How did Shakespeare originally sound?
How was Shakespeare originally pronounced? Test your knowledge with our quiz, and discover ‘original’ Shakespearean pronunciation.

#4     Philip K. Dick’s spiritual epiphany
Kyle Arnold discusses the effects of a possible spiritual epiphany on Philip K. Dick’s writing.

#3     The truth behind the restaurant industry
A quiz based on the often overlooked aspects of the restaurant industry.

#2     Ten underappreciated philosophers of the Islamic World
The philosophical contribution of Islamic culture often goes unacknowledged. This post shines a light on those philosophers who have been forgotten.

#1     What religion is Barrack Obama?
A post that questions the reliability of internet sources in the age of Google, and the benefits of search engines to religious historians.

Thank you for your continued support of the OUPblog. I wish you a happy new year and look forward to welcoming you back in 2017.

Featured image credit: Laptop. Photo by Slack. CC0 Public Domain via Pexels

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  1. Francis Hsu

    Found your site by accident. Glad I did. The 10th Is the mind just an accident of the universe? was most stimulating. As we live in an ‘Information Age’ it seems philosophy is missing a chance to stir things up. Isn’t all the philosophy deals with ‘information?’ Look forward to what your readers have to say.

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