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What inspires the people who save lives?

The ability to improve the health of another person or to save their life requires great skill, knowledge, and dedication. The impact that this work has goes above and beyond your average career, extending to the families and friends of patients. We were interested to discover what motivates the people who play a vital role in the health and quality of life of hundreds of people every year. At this year’s European Society of Cardiology Congress in sunny Rome, we welcomed over 30,000 cardiologists and displayed our portfolio of works across the field of cardiology. Even Pope Francis stopped by and paid the Congress a visit! So we took this opportunity to ask cardiologists from around the globe what inspires them in their work and handpicked a selection of our favourites below.

Other responses included the “possibility to make life better” and “healthy beating in stethoscope”. What inspires your work in healthcare? Let us know with a comment!

Images by Ellie Gregory for Oxford University Press. Used with permission. 

Featured image credit: Doctor by Unsplash. CC0 public domain via Pixabay

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