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The American Philosophical Association Pacific 2016: a conference guide

The Oxford Philosophy team is excited to see you in San Francisco for the upcoming 2016 American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting. We have some suggestions on sights to see during your time in California as well as our favorite sessions for the conference.

We recommend visiting the following sights and attractions while in San Francisco:

San Francisco is a great place for those who enjoy nature. Enjoy a run or stroll in some of the many parks including Land’s End, Golden Gate State Park, and Baker Beach.

Browse contemporary and modern art works at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, Yuerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. For science enthusiasts, stop by the California Academy of Sciences or the Exploratorium on Pier 15. Stop by the Aquarium of the Bay to visit their Giant Pacific Octopus, river and sea otters, Moon Jellies, and more.

Extending your trip? Spend a day hiking amongst the Redwood trees or spot some Ewoks at Muir Woods National Monument. If you prefer something more leisurely, visit the numerous wineries in Napa and Sonoma.

Keep an eye out for these conference sessions that we’re excited about:

Wednesday, March 30th 9 AM to Noon sessions

Book Symposium: Sanford Goldberg, Assertion: On the Philosophical Significance of Assertoric Speech

Wednesday, March 30th 1 PM – 4 PM sessions

Book Symposium: Gwen Bradford, Achievement

Book Symposium: Lucy Allais, Manifest Reality: Kant’s Idealism and His Realism

Book Symposium: Boris Kment, Modality and Explanatory Reasoning

Book Symposium: Jonardon Ganeri, The Self: Naturalism, Consciousness, and the First-Person Stance

Wednesday, March 30th 4 PM – 6 PM sessions

North American Kant Society presents Author-Meets-Critics: Henry Alison, Kant’s Transcendental Deduction

Book Symposium: Kasia Jaszczolt, Meaning in Linguistic Interaction: Semantics, Metasemantics, and Philosophy of Language

Image credit: Muir Woods nature outdoors by Linnaea_ Mallette. Public domain via Pixabay.

Thursday, March 31st 9 AM to Noon sessions

Book Symposium: Nomy Arpaly and Timothy Schroeder, In Praise of Desire

Colloquium: Technology and Humanity featuring Shannon Vallor and Alexis Elder

Thursday, March 31st 1 PM to 4 PM sessions

Book Symposium: Krista Lawlor, Assurance: An Austinian View of Knowledge and Knowledge Claims

Colloquium: Virtue Ethics featuring Wanda Teays, Yujia Song, and Nancy Snow

APA Committee Session: Academic Boycotts featuring Raja Halwani, Russell Berman, Samuel Fleischacker, Mohammed Abed, and Joseph Levine

APA Committee Session: What Can’t Be Said: Paradox in Contradiction in East Asian Philosophy featuring Brook Ziporyn, Yasuo Deguchi, Jay L. Garfield, Graham Priest, and Robert Sharf

Colloquium: Genealogy as Critique of Normativity featuring Natali Nenadic, Torsten Menge, William Swanson, Rachel Cristy, Shelley Hulbert, and Sheridan Hough

Colloquium: Justification featuring Albert Casullo, Kenneth Boyce, Andrew Mooon, and James Taylor

Thursday, March 31st 6 PM to 9 PM sessions

Wilfrid Sellars Society Topic: Author-Meets-Critics: Danielle Macbeth, Realizing Reason

Society for Applied Philosophy, Session 1 Topic: Author-Meets-Critics: Leif Wenar, Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules That Run the World

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Session 1Topic: Emotions: A Cross-Cultural and Multi-Disciplinary Approach featuring Purushottama Bilimoria, Kalahan Stoker, Cecilea Mun, and Michelle Nilan

Society for Realist/Antirealist Discussion Topic: Identity in Physics and Metaphysics featuring Benjamin Jantzen, Decio Krause, Jody Azzouni, Jonas Arenhart, and Otavio Bueno

Friday, April 1st 9 AM to Noon sessions

Book Symposium: Terence Cuneo, Speech and Morality: On the Metaethical Implications of Speaking

Invited Symposium: Children and Autonomy featuring Colin Macleod, Samantha Brennan, Amy Mullin, Marilea Bramer, and Robert Noggle

Colloquium: Ethics and Politics in Aristotle featuring Michael Ferejohn, Victor Saenz, and Landon Hobbs

Friday, April 1st 1 PM to 4 PM sessions

Book Symposium: Karin Boxer, Rethinking Responsibility

Book Symposium: Paul Bloomfield, The Virtues of Happiness: A Theory of the Good Life

Friday, April 1st 4 PM to 6 PM sessions

Colloquium: The Nature of Mental States featuring Michelle Pham, Keith Harris, Adam Arico, Kai Draer, Jared Peterson, and Lauren Ashwell

Dewey Lecture and Reception featuring Heather Battaly and Linda Zagzebski

Friday, April 1st 7 PM to 10 PM sessions

North American Kant Society Topic: Author-Meets-Critics: Nick Stang, Kant’s Modal Metaphysics

Society for Applied Philosophy, Session 2 Topic: Corruption and Accountability: Theory and Practice featuring Gillian Brock, William English, Sergio Sismondo, Mare E. Newhouse, and Daniel Weinstock

Society for the Philosophy of Agency

Topic: The Varieties of Free-Will Skepticism featuring Joe Campbell, Derk Pereboom, Galen Strawsaon, Tamler Sommers, and Kelly McCormick

Saturday, April 2nd  9 AM to Noon sessions

Book Symposium: Derk Pereboom, Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life

Book Symposium: Nico Orlandi, The Innocent Eye: Why Vision Is Not a Cognitive Process

APA Committee Session: Author-Meets-Critics: Steven Ratner, The Thin Justice of International Law

Saturday, April 2nd  9 AM to Noon sessions

Book Symposium: Bence Nanay, Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception

Book Symposium: Thomas Hurka, British Ethical Theorists from Sidgwick to Ewing

Book Symposium: John M. Doris, Talking to Our Selves

Saturday, April 2nd  6 PM to 9 PM sessions

International Society for Buddhist Philosophy, Session 2 Topic: Book Symposium: Jay Garfield, Engaging Buddhism: Why It Matters to Philosophy

Society for the Philosophy of Human Rights, Session 2 Topic: Author-Meets-Critics: S. Matthew Liao, The Right to Be Loved

Philosophy of Time Society discussion featuring Adrian Bardon, Sean Power, John T. Roberts, and Natalja Deng

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Featured image credit: Golden Gate Bridge by Unsplash. Public domain via Pixabay.

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