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Fall cleaning with OHR

By Caitlin Tyler-Richards

The Oral History Review staff returns triumphant! A bit tanner, a bit wiser, and ready for another round of exploration into the theory and practice of oral history. We’ve already started arranging interviews, reviews, and commentary for the fall and look forward to engaging with you all once more. But before any of that, a few announcements:

  • To add to our nearly excessive number of social media accounts (OUPblog, Twitter, Facebook, Google +), we’re now on Tumblr and Soundcloud! If you run or know of any oral history projects on these platforms that we should follow, let us know!
  • Since we last blogged, the Oral History Association has put out more information about its upcoming annual meeting (9-13 October 2013, Oklahoma City). The program schedule and extended description of all the keynotes, plenaries, and special presentations are available at the conference’s homepage. You can also go there to register. Easy cheesy.
  • For those OHR subscribers who have mastered online access, a number of book and media reviews from Volume 40, Issue 2 are available now. For those who haven’t mastered online access, here’s a helpful tutorial. For those who haven’t subscribed to the OHR, here’s a friendly reminder of how to join.

We will resume our bi-weekly posting schedule on the 13th of September by introducing you all to David J. Caruso, manager of the Oral History program at the Chemical Heritage Foundation and our new Book Reviews Editor. Until then, drop a comment below, tweet, Facebook message, or send a carrier pigeon to UW-Madison with your latest news. We’ve missed you so.

Caitlin Tyler-Richards is the editorial/media assistant at the Oral History Review. When not sharing profound witticisms at @OralHistReview, Caitlin pursues a PhD in African History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research revolves around the intersection of West African history, literature and identity construction, as well as a fledgling interest in digital humanities. Before coming to Madison, Caitlin worked for the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown University.

The Oral History Review, published by the Oral History Association, is the U.S. journal of record for the theory and practice of oral history. Its primary mission is to explore the nature and significance of oral history and advance understanding of the field among scholars, educators, practitioners, and the general public. Follow them on Twitter at @oralhistreview, like them on Facebook, or follow the latest OUPblog posts to preview, learn, connect, discover, and study oral history.

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