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March 2007

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The ABC’s of GBS: Part 1

This week we present the first installment of Evan’s series on “The ABC’s of Google Book Search.” With his help, we hope to untangle the intricacies, and express our excitement, about the future of publishing.

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Today I am proud to present the new and improved OUPBlog! This redesign project has become my obsession and I am thrilled that launch day has finally arrived. (Yes, I was up at 9 a.m. GMT, which is 4 a.m. in NYC. No, I am not insane.) Many people helped this site become a reality […]

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Dreams of Africa in Alabama: an excerpt

On a January night in 2002, a truck backed up to a statue in front of Union Missionary Baptist Church, north of Mobile, Alabama. One or two people got out, cut through parts of the heavy bronze bust, ripped it from its brick base, and disappeared with their loot. The theft shocked and angered the congregation of pastor A. J. Crawford, Sr.

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Rachel Carson: Saint or Sinner

Former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson wondered publicly why a “childless spinster” should be worried about how pesticides might affect future generations. He concluded that she was “probably a Communist.”

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