Friday Sep 20th, 2013

When are bridges public art?

By David Blockley
The costly controversy over the abandonment of the ambitious Wear Bridge scheme and current plans by Sunderland City Council to ‘reduce down to a simpler design’ is a manifestation of what can happen when thinking about various forms of art is confounded. read more »

Saturday Jul 12th, 2014

Rebooting Philosophy

Luciano Floridi looks at the impact digital technology has had on philosophy
Friday Jul 11th, 2014

Practical wisdom and why we need to value it

How we can face future uncertainties
Friday Jun 27th, 2014

Oral history through Google Glass

Juliana Nykolaiszyn on using the new technology in her work
Friday May 30th, 2014

Cybersecurity and the cyber-awareness gap

P.W. Singer discusses cybersecurity and cyber-awareness
Mar 30th, 2014

Dopamine, Twitter, and the bilingual brain

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Mar 5th, 2014

Something to like about bitcoin

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Feb 7th, 2014

The genesis of computer science

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Feb 4th, 2014

Facebook turns ten: teenager or (grand)parent?

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