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Moving Day

“Ain’t no stopping us now, we on the move!” Yes folks, that’s right, we are moving to the 8th floor, and nothing says fun like lots of moving boxes. In the pictures below Dan Ozzi shows us the joys of moving. When we get to the new digs we will update you again.

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Francesca Caccini, the composer

By Meghann Wilhoite
In my last post I wrote about little known composer Sophie Elisabeth. Today’s subject, Francesca Caccini, is somewhat better known. The last decade or so has seen a renewed interest in her work.

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The Beatles and “My Bonnie”: 23 June 1961

By Gordon Thompson
To many adolescents fifty years ago, the future seemed bleak: the “King” had become preoccupied with refurbished Italian schmaltz while the world drew closer to Armageddon. But hope buzzed in the heart of an ungrounded amplifier in a West German high school.

Goodwill had floundered between the recently elected American president, John F. Kennedy and the Soviet Union’s premier, Nikita Khrushchev over the Soviet blockade of Berlin and America’s support of the failed

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