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Rebecca OUP-US

Perhaps it is a NYC phenomenon but in the spring and early summer office softball teams are all the rage. Not being athletically inclined I asked Dan Ozzi to give us a little insight about the OUP team, The Oxford Blues.

The Oxford Blues softball team plays a dozen games each season. Not every game is on the nicest fields in New York. Sometimes we play on blacktop courts with kids playing basketball around us in left field. Last week, we played directly underneath the Queensboro Bridge on a clay field which greatly resembled a prison yard. I am pretty sure I saw a finger sticking out of the ground in left field.

On Wednesday evening however, the team was rewarded for sticking it out through all of those sketchy areas by having the privilege of playing a game on the pristine Great Lawn of Central Park for the first time in franchise history. The sun was shining and the weather was a beautiful, say, 79 degrees(I’m estimating since I forgot my barometer at home that day). The Blues had some amazing plays. Some homers, some double plays, some diving catches in the outfield. Our coach, Kyle Taylor, even caught a fly ball in his hat. Ok, I made that last one up. But eventually, a big first inning for our opponents at Telerep ended up catching up to us in the end as the Blues fell short.

It was still a great game, nonetheless. Everyone brought out their A-game and a great time was had by all– players and Blues supporters alike. And since we all work at Oxford, there was, as usual, a plethora of nerdy literary references.

-Dan Ozzi, #90

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  1. purdy

    barometer? check your oed. barometer measures air pressure, not temperature. geesh.

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