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Moving Day

“Ain’t no stopping us now, we on the move!”

Yes folks, that’s right, we are moving to the 8th floor, and nothing says fun like lots of moving boxes. In the pictures below Dan Ozzi shows us the joys of moving. When we get to the new digs we will update you again.




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  1. Pamela Benjamin

    Oh my! Those Oxford publicists are so clever!

  2. […] , Reference , Online Resources on April 4, 2007 | Share This Sadly the movers are coming for my computer soon, but before they do, here is one last post for today. I was playing around on the electronic […]

  3. L. Ozzi

    $100,000 in tuition.. I’m so proud!
    Dan’s Mom

  4. W. Ozzi

    I’m glad to see my son is moving up in the world !

  5. Saul Clipperberg

    What a handsome man.

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