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Seven predictions for the biggest management trends in the next few years

In August 2023, OUP attended the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston. We asked attendees what they predicted the biggest trends in management will be in the next few years and received some great answers focusing on different areas of management.

What do you think will be the next big management trend? Read on for the top seven predictions from the Annual Meeting and share your own ideas in the comments.

1. Digital transformation

Businesses are undergoing digital transformations to increase efficiency and modernise operations and workflows. New technologies are becoming increasingly popular such as automation, AI, and cloud computing.

2. Change of generations for workers and leaders

The changing of generations is an emerging management trend that recognizes the evolving dynamics within the workplace as different generations coexist and collaborate. This trend emphasises the importance of understanding and leveraging the unique strengths, preferences, and communication styles of each generation to foster a more inclusive and productive work environment.

3. The increase of Artificial Intelligence

There were a few iterations of this response, including “AI-augmented innovation and strategy” and “leveraging AI to reduce carbon emissions.” Even though these are tackling different aspects of management, it seems inevitable that business leaders will have to consider how to integrate AI into operations to help employees.

4. Sustainable green organizations

Sustainability has been a hot topic for the last few years, but businesses are now focusing on making real action. New sustainability roles are being created specifically to manage this focus, providing reporting on the status of businesses and what actionable steps need to be taken.

5. Flexible working

In the post-pandemic world, flexible working has become increasingly popular. Businesses have invested time into improving the employee experience by finding the right balance of home/office working.

6. Artificial Intuition—the ultimate AI?

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, it can perform many of the mental tasks that were previously carried out by humans. However, intuition is one area where humans will continue to add value to business in areas such as judgement and creativity that cannot yet be replicated by a machine. This makes intuition a valuable skill to be developed and prioritised in the age of artificial intelligence.

7. Data-driven project management

All organisations deal with copious amounts of data every day. It makes sense to use that data to drive decisions. Data analytics can help to measure success, room for improvement, optimise operations, and much more.

What do you think is the next big management trend? Share your predictions in the comments!

Featured image by Jo Szczepanska from Unsplash (public domain)

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