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A literary history of Modernism [timeline]

A literary history of Modernism [timeline]

The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were a period of transformation in both artistic and philosophical movements. It was a movement that reflected the rapidly industrialising world, where literature was moving away from classical and traditional forms. Some consider modernism a mode of thinking, while others consider it a re-examination of all aspects of existence.

In the timeline, we explore some key figures and events that contributed to shaping modernism and celebrate 100 years since 1922⁠—⁠⁠the pinnacle year of modernist publishing!

Featured Image: typewriters on the beach by Matt Artz via Unsplash

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  1. James

    This is a wonderful article and resource. Not only is it interesting, I’ll be sharing it with my students! (Any chance a visual like this can be made for ALL of the periods in literary history in the English-speaking world?)

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