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Misconceptions of vaccines

Vaccines help to provide immunity against diseases. Sadly, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding vaccines, leading to some areas of the community opting not to vaccinate. This has a negative impact as decreasing immunisation rates can lead to an increase in diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, as was seen with the whooping cough in California.

Misconceptions such as ‘vaccines can overwhelm a child’s the immune system’ are dangerous, and have no scientific or medical standing. In reality, the cells in the immune system are continuously being renewed; meaning the likelihood of the system being overwhelmed is next to nil, thanks to cell replenishment. Similar misconceptions have in part been fuelled by social media, with the rise of ‘fake news’ and ‘fake science’, contributing to a mistrust of immunisation threats.

Learn more about misconceptions of vaccines with the interactive fact sheet below.

Download the fact sheet as a PDF or JPEG.

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  1. Goldy

    Sadly we need to allow debate about vaccines and stop the mantra that vaccines are safe.

    On Feb. 7th 2018, an Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has issued a report that finds higher risks of death and illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and hypersensitivity associated to the administration of combined vaccines (1). A copy of this report has been addressed to the European Parliament.

    After an 18-year investigation into causes of thousands of cases of serious illnesses and deaths amongst personnel affected to military missions abroad,
    this Parliamentary Commission has found a significant risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases associated with the use of combined and multiple vaccines in the prophylactic schedule. While the 4th ‘Uranium’ Commission initially investigated other factors such as exposure to uranium from bombshells and other war hazards, the causal association with vaccines was raised both by personnel accounts and by the fact that soldiers who did not leave the country had also been affected.

    Vaccines in the military vaccine program are the same as those used for infants.

    Findings of this Commission – whose interests are neither in favor or against vaccines, or close to ‘vaccine hesitant groups’ – raise a serious alarm in the present context of vaccine mandates and schedules in Europe.

    The Commission could not find a single study assessing the safety of combined vaccines

    The Commission estimated that “the cumulative amount of the various components of the vaccines exceeds the permitted limit for the marketing authorization of the single vaccine”. This means that in combined vaccines the sum of adjuvants (aluminium or mercury), preservatives and biological contaminants – i.e. viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas and mycobacteria, as well as fetal human DNA and animal DNA, recent findings also show nanoparticles – that come from the biological tissues of vaccine culture has not been tested.

    “Vaccines that have a high content of components in quantitative terms, but also of varieties of foreign components, determined a greater number of adverse reactions»

    Ao. the Commission was concerned by the use and safety of aluminium adjuvants (hexavalent vaccines), large quantities of fetal and animal DNA (eg. MMR) and the presence of inflammatory nanoparticles contaminating the vaccines.


  2. Diane Lane

    Please watch the movie ” VAXXED” about the CDC whistle blower Dr. William Thompson. Please watch real stories of parents on youtube videos. There are thousands of people and their personal tragedy. Mainstream news will not dare cover it because big pharma pays for their existence. It will make you realize Vaccines can and do cause injury or severe injury and they (CDC, FDA, Pharma) knew it before and they know it now. Why are our kids sicker than ever, why is USA one of the highest in infant mortality rate ? Why when we spend the most money in “Health” care – we have the sickest population. Why can we not sue vaccine makers, why aren’t we hearing cases in a normal open court systesm, why aren’t they listening to the parents who saw their children fall victim to the injuries right before their eyes ? Perfectly normal happy alert babies lose their light, lose speech, their brains get fried due to these harmful neuro-toxins. Why don’t we study those who were vaccinated and not vaccinated. Because there is too much money and too many jobs at stake over the health of our children. USA is doomed if we don’t do anything.

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