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Animal of the Month: 13 nutty squirrel species [slideshow]

To help you appreciate squirrels in celebration of Squirrel Appreciation Day earlier this month, take a gander at a selection of a diverse range of members of the Sciuridae family in the slideshow below. Most of these critters belong to the Sciurus genus which is from the ancient Greek, “skia” meaning shadow or shade, and “oura” for tail. Despite the variation within these different members of the same family, the evolutionary record shows that squirrels have actually changed very little over millions of years. If it ain’t broke…

Featured image credit: “Ninja squirrel” by Saori Oya. CC0 public domain via Unsplash.

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  1. Annette Keith

    Enjoyable since we have too many squirrels and the dogs (and our old neighbor likes to shoot the pests in rural area where we live)find the squirrel to be tasty catch. The squirrels have a run in our attic and the Southern oral folk tale is that the squirrels are squatters scampering at all hours in the old attic. Thanks this is a fine writing of an animal species with human characteristics. atk

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