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Do you need to “unplug” from social media? [quiz]

“Unplugging” from social media does not necessarily equate to quitting. As The Happiness Effect author Donna Freitas found out, the decision to temporarily quit social media is a common among university students. Some students quit because they feel “too obsessed” or “addicted,” while others cite online drama as their reason to take a break.

“I went to bed on Instagram, I woke up on Instagram, and I most likely went to the bathroom looking at my Instagram. That’s why it had to stop. No object or person should have that type of stronghold on you” —Zooey, first year, evangelical Christian college

To celebrate National Day of Unplugging, we’ve put together a quiz that answers the question: Do you need to “unplug” from social media?

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Featured image credit: Untitled by TeroVesalainen. CCO via Pixabay.