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Prophets in the Old Testament, Hebrew Bible

How much do you know about the prophets in the Old Testament?

In the Bible, God reveals himself to humanity in a variety of ways, one major way being through the prophets. The ancient prophets were said “to possess an intimate association with God” and spoke on behalf of God as divine messengers. Revealing his divine will as “mouthpieces,” the prophets did not claim to possess special powers in predicting the future, but rather simply relayed a message from the omnipotent, omniscient Being.

Well over 3,000 years since the time of Abraham, scholars are still exploring and uncovering new insights about the ancient prophets in the Hebrew Bible. In a text with over 23,000 verses, there is quite a lot of information to be interpreted and re-examined. Not too long ago, you may have read about how “Miriam, Deborah, Hulda, Noadiah, the unnamed prophetess of Isaiah 8:3, and ‘the daughters … who prophesy’ are all women identified as prophets in the Hebrew Bible,” but do you which prophets worked miracles? Do you all know the prophets named in the Bible before the time of Samuel?

Test how much you know with the quiz below!

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Quiz background image credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Featured image credit: Hebrew Bible. Public Domain, via Pixabay.

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