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A timeline of academic publishing at Oxford University Press


What is the future of academic publishing? We’re celebrating University Press Week (8-14 November 2015) and Academic Book Week (9-16 November) with a series of blog posts on scholarly publishing from staff and partner presses. Today, we present a timeline that shows the history of academic publishing at Oxford University Press.

How much do you know about the history of publishing at Oxford University Press? The first book was printed just two years after Caxton set up the first printing press in England. Fell type moulds were introduced two centuries later to make Oxford’s publishing comparable with the finest in Europe. This allowed the Press to expand and move offices several times until they ended up at their current home on Great Clarendon Street. International offices were set up, predominantly in the 20th century, although the New York office, the first outside the UK to be developed, opened in 1896. You can discover more about how academic publishing has developed in Oxford since 1478 below.

Featured image credit: Ducks in the OUP quad, image courtesy of Oxford University Press.

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