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Celebrate National Library Week with OUP

Celebrate National Library Week with free access to the OED and Oxford Reference, available to everyone in North and South America through the 20th of April. Visit either site and use

Username: libraryweek Password: libraryweek

to login and access everything the sites have to offer. Everyone will have access through the same login and no registration of any kind is required.

We are freeing up this unprecedented amount of OUP content in thanks for all the vital work that librarians do to support their patrons and in celebration of the week honoring libraries. In addition, we’ll announce a contest just for librarians on Tumblr, which will bring attention to the events that libraries hold during National Library Week.


The Oxford English Dictionary traces the evolution and use of words and is widely acknowledged to be the most authoritative and comprehensive record of the English language. The Oxford English Dictionary Online gives you the latest content of the full Oxford English Dictionary as well as the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED Online includes more than 600,000 meanings of words using over 3 million quotations; coverage of British, American, and all varieties of English; and is updated 4 times a year with new entries.

Visit the OED National Library Week webpage for helpful tips on exploring the OED during this free week.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Reference brings together over 2-million entries into a single cross-searchable resource, from subject reference, quotation, and language dictionaries in the Oxford Quick Reference collection to award winning Oxford Companions and Encyclopedias in the Oxford Reference Library.

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  1. Annie Morgan

    Oh my goodness! A whole week of being able to use the OED on line. Wonderful, and many many thanks. I may find time to eat, but possibly might have to wait till after the 20th.

  2. Bill Peschel

    Annie, I’d suggest a big, big, supersize bag of Doritos. And plenty of onion dip.

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