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Booze! – Episode 1 – The Oxford Comment

In the premiere episode of The Oxford Comment, Lauren and Michelle talk to Benjamin Carp about the drinking habits of the Founding Fathers and visit brewmaster Garrett Oliver at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Featured in this podcast:

Special thanks to Paul Harrington, Max Sinsheimer, Grace Labatt, Pat Mack, Bill Murphy, Charles Hodgson, “Jon,” and the Super-Secret-Listening-Focus-Group-Club.

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Headline image credit: The Bostonian’s paying the excise-man, or tarring & feathering. Library of Congress.

Recent Comments

  1. Noj

    What a fantastic inaugural piece! I think the mix of history, pop culture and technical beer jargon was really effective.

    Michelle, Lauren, superlative job putting this together. You are truly old souls (podcasticly speaking).

  2. Megan Kennedy

    Great topic, great piece! From Benjamin Franklin to babies in a brewery. Nice.

  3. Russell Cross

    Just about the right length to keep me mentally occupied on the way to work! And a smart move to stay clear of commenting on “weird” or “obscure” vocabulary – much better to focus on vox populi than verba obscura.

    Cheers! And “bottoms up.”

  4. Linda Pearson

    Great start to your podcasting career. I’m looking forward to your next.

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