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Saved! Exotic Bird on Upper West Side

By Michelle Rafferty

The Oxford Comment guest star Jon (featured on Episodes 1 and 4.5) recently wrote in with this shocking, yet true story:

I was on the UWS on Saturday and noticed this bright orange/green/blue bird standing on the sidewalk chirping. It looked pretty out of place. I went to say hi to him and he flew up and landed on the shoulder of one of the people I was with (see photo). We figured he must have escaped from an apartment window or something. Poor guy was not equipped to handle the freezing cold, so I held onto him and ventured into Columbia’s campus for help. Everyone was very concerned. Then a student told us he was familiar with a good vet in town and offered to bring him in. He was a handsome little fella (the bird).*

Here’s hoping this little bird found his owners! And if you are looking for a quick ornithological fix, I recommend A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil by Ber van Perlo.

*Upon closer inspection of said photo, Jon surmised the species of the little birdy to be Green-rumped Parrotlet. If you have better guesses, please let us know.

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  2. Joanne Rose

    Good job! I hope that little guy found his home. What you found was a beautiful (and so very lucky!) peach faced lovebird. Here is a link to some pictures for comparison:


    I hope if one of my babies ever get out they happen across someone like yourself.

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  4. judy gerber

    This is a peach faced lovebird. I just lost one, almost 18 years old. If this guy needs a home, I would like to adopt.

  5. Cynthia

    Please contact me! This looks like Baily, a lovebird mix that I lost back in August. I have pictures of her, just email me and I’ll send them to you for conformation.

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