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December 2007

How to Prepare To Meet Your Adopted Child

Parents usually have the opportunity to meet their child’s caregivers during the adoption process. The following list includes suggested topics to discuss. It will be helpful for parents who make two trips to complete the adoption, and those who have been given little information prior to travel.

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Favorites: Part Nine
Noa Wheeler

I have never finished reading my favorite book. This may sound incongruous, but the truth is that any time I “finish” Sartre’s ‘The Words’, I simply start it again. For many years, I have always been somewhere in the process of reading this quietly brilliant book. Sartre’s memoir is one of paradox.

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Quixotic Coinages: The Failure of the Epicene Pronoun

Earlier this week I spent an enjoyable hour being interviewed on the Wisconsin Public Radio show “At Issue with Ben Merens.” Though our topic was ostensibly the New Oxford American Dictionary’s choice of ‘locavore’ as Word of the Year, we soon ventured into other word-related matters, such as ‘O’.

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