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How (un)representative is the British political class? [QUIZ]

The fact that the British political class doesn’t fully reflect the diversity seen in the population as a whole is hardly news. However, many people don’t fully appreciate exactly how unrepresentative its members are, or the specific (and sometimes slightly odd) ways in which the political class differs from Britain as a whole.

This unrepresentativeness is something that we should all be concerned by. First, the current lack of diversity within the political class means that we might be missing out on original thinking and new ideas that could help to solve policy problems that have dominated British politics for decades. Second,  it violates the principle of political equality on which our democratic system of government is based. To put it another way, the fact that certain groups of society appear to be systematically excluded from holding positions of political power calls into question whether British democracy truly lives up to its name?

To learn more about exactly who is in the political class and, as important, who is not, take this quiz.

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Featured image credit: hierarchy-human-man-woman by geralt. CC0 via Pixabay.

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