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Earth Day 2018: ending pollution [quiz]

Happy Earth Day! Celebrated across the world, this day was created to help raise awareness and encourage action around environmental protection. This year’s Earth Day focus is on ending plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is threatening the survival of our planet, and is especially harmful within marine environments. While litter is an ongoing issue in our oceans, marine litter is dominated by plastic items, and in 2010, it’s estimated that 4,8000,000-12,700,000 tonnes of plastic were released into the oceans. Plastic items are especially harmful to marine environments since they can take years to break-down once in the ecosystem. Curious to see just how many years plastic and non-plastic pollutants are estimated to break down in our oceans? Take our quiz to find out and learn how you can help reduce the amount of plastic litter in our oceans.

[qzzr quiz=”460162″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]

Featured image credit: Earth Planet World Globe Space Map Of The World by PIRO4D. CC0 via Pixabay

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