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Test your knowledge of the English legal system

The English legal system has a long history of traditions and symbolism. Do you know your periwigs from your powdered wigs, your judicial dress from your barrister’s robes, and your green bags from your gavels? While some of the quirks and traditions of the English legal system may seem archaic, even bizarre, they from part of the fundamental constitution of UK culture and are therefore of relevance to anyone with an interest in it.

Questions and answers are taken from Geoffrey Rivlin, First Steps in the Law, 7th edition and Martin Partington, Introduction to the English Legal System 2017-2018.

Featured image credit: Justicia goddess of justice by Birga. CC0 Public domain via Pixabay

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  1. tombo4

    This little quiz is fun as far as it goes. But the aim of legal education is not to preserve arcane trivia such as the “bob-wig” or the notional depiction of the ten commandments.

    Why not have sensible legal questions and try to dispel some ignorance?

  2. Margaret Ellis

    My life is better knowing what a bob-wig is.

  3. Hugh

    The UK does have a written constitution (do you think its orally maintained?), it is just not codified. Back to law school to please.


    A very good brain storming for law students.

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