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Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? [quiz]

The zombie apocalypse presents many challenges – for both the prepared and unprepared. As if dodging an aggressive and cannibalistic undead horde constantly in pursuit of brains isn’t enough, you must also forage for food, find shelter, and brave the elements in a world growing more inhospitable by the minute. Technology is no longer reliable, the creature comforts that we take for granted are no longer guaranteed, and our sense of safety is completely compromised.

But one of the biggest challenges that humans face during the zombie apocalypse is how to stay alive without with our humanity still intact. The zombie apocalypse forces us to make extreme decisions that test the very limits of human morals and ethics.

Watch the video below to hear Greg Garrett, author of Living with the Living Dead, discuss the morality complications of the zombie apocalypse. Then take our quiz to find out if you would survive the zombie apocalypse yourself.

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Featured image credit: “graveyard-graves-tree-spooky-night” by Skitterphoto. CC0 via Pixabay.

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