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Who said what about Margaret Thatcher? [quiz]

No-one was neutral about Margaret Thatcher. During her premiership (and ever since), she has inspired both wild enthusiasm and determined opposition, and many vivid descriptions as a result. Having led her party to three general election victories (two of which were landslides) she ranks as the most popular British party leader in terms of votes cast for the winning party, with over 40 million ballots casted for the Conservatives between 1979 and 1987. Despite this, many critics have described Margaret Thatcher as divisive, accusing her of paying little attention to social issues such as women’s rights, unemployment, and racism. Known simply as “Maggie” by both supporters and opponents, she was famously dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’ by the Soviet Defence Ministry newspaper Red Star.

Do you know which of these remarks were made by her supporters and which by her opponents? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

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Quiz image credit: Margaret Thatcher by WikiImages. Public Domain via Pixabay.

Featured image credit: Margaret Thatcher bids farewell after a visit to the United States in 1981 by Williams, US Military. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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