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Climate change: are you an expert? [Quiz]

Climate change is one of the most significant and far-reaching problems of the twenty-first century and it is a frequent topic of discussion everywhere from scientific journals to the Senate floor. Because climate change is often the subject of heated debate, it’s easy to mistake political stands for scientific facts.

Inspired by The Death of Expertise, in which Tom Nichols explores the dangers of the public rejection of expertise, we’ve created a series of quizzes to test your knowledge. Take this quiz to see how much you know about climate change. Then watch the video below to see how OUP employees fared against climate change expert Joseph Romm.

[qzzr quiz=”413084″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]


Featured image credit: “life-beauty-scene-arctic-iceberg” by Unsplash. CC0 via Pixabay.

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