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2016 US presidential election reading list

Following the recent US Presidential election, we have curated a reading list with resources that provide insight into the politics behind the 2016 election, and look at the key topics that stimulated some of the major debates from the election season. We have selected books and other resources that detail American politics in the context of this election and investigate the issues that influenced the campaigns.

Elections and Electoral Politics

We explore content that relates to American political parties, voting history in the US, and election trends:

Labor, Activism and Organizing

These titles grapple with topics including issues with democracy, activist groups, and organized political movements:

News Media and Social Media

Digital media has a powerful influence on elections and campaigns. Investigate the relationship between campaigns and the internet, how civic involvement has changed, and the effect media have on voting and identity:

American Politics9780190217198

Here are titles dedicated to American politics specifically, from American political parties to the recent transformations in American democracy:

Voter Behavior and Public Opinion

Are voters generally uninformed? What factors influence our decisions when voting? These titles deal with questions relating to voting influences on the individual and questions where to go from here:

Voter Demographics

What are voting trends and how are they formed? Below are titles that investigate group identities throughout America and how voting is impacted:

Featured image credit: President Obama, by The White House. CC US Government Works via Flickr.

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