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Washington D.C. civil rights slideshow

Brown v. Board of Education is one of the most identifiable civil rights cases in our nation’s history. While most scholarship begins with Brown, Just Another Southern Town by Joan Quigley recounts the battle for civil rights before Brown, culminating with District of Columbia v. John R. Thompson Co., Inc., a unanimous 1953 decision by the Supreme Court invalidating restaurant segregation in the nation’s capital. In this slideshow, Joan Quigley weaves together the success of this case with other landmark civil rights moments in Washington, DC, creating a timeline of the struggle for racial justice in our nation’s capital.




Feature Image: US Capitol Building by FSP Vintage Collection. Public Doman via Free Stock Photos.

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  1. John Darling

    Several years ago (2005’ish) there was an exhibit at the American History Museum in DC that had discussions of all the cases that the NAACP brought leading up to Brown. It was a real lesson. And showed beyond any doubt what brilliant lawyers Thurgood Marshall and his colleagues at the NAACP were.

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