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Which mythological creature are you? Take the quiz on the OUPblog and learn more about your mythological creature likeness in the Oxford Classical Dictionary.

Which mythological creature are you? [quiz]

Classical mythology has been prominent in popular culture for thousands of years. For every God or Goddess there would be a mythological creature—or several in the case of Hercules—that they would have to overcome in order to display their prowess, power, and divinity. This was particularly the case in Ancient Greek mythology. Today, we’re looking at the less fashionable side of this partnership and focussing our attention on the creatures that mortals feared and heroes vanquished.

Does your gaze turn others to stone? Do you prefer ignorance or vengeance? Have any wings? Take this short quiz to find out which mythological creature or being you would have been in the ancient world.

Featured image credit: Mythical Creatures, by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822). Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Quiz background image credit: Hydra. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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