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The reality of DUI prevention laws [infographic]

Do DUI prevention laws actually deter driving under the influence? Authors Lorne Tepperman and Nicole Meredith argue that punishments like fines, imprisonment, and license suspension are not as effective as we like to think. They have found that people are more likely to be changed by constructive influences (e.g., alcohol counseling) and social taboos than they are by threats of punishment. It’s a tricky issue, but the solution may be one we have not been trying enough. Tepperman and Meredith have gathered information about this charged and controversial topic for the following infographic on what you need to know about DUI prevention laws.


Download infographic as JPG or PDF.

Image Credit: Drunk Driving by Steve Buissinne, Public Domain via Pixabay.

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  1. Charles Hickman

    This article makes some good points. Fearing consequences is not enough to persuade all potential drunk drivers. However, you make no mention of an ignition interlock as a useful component of an anti-DUI strategy. In fact, the sobriety court/ignition interlock combination is possibly the best of all. http://www.lifesafer.com/blog/michigan-celebrates-a-drunk-driving-solution-that-really-works-sobriety-court/

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