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Max Planck and Albert Einstein

There was much more to Max Planck than his work and research as an influential physicist. For example, Planck was an avid musician, and endured many personal hardships under the Nazi regime in his home country of Germany. Throughout much of his life, Planck maintained a strong relationship with Albert Einstein–both as a mentor and professional colleague and as a valued friend. More about the life of Max Planck and his relationship with Albert Einstein is detailed in the following slideshow.

Featured image credit: “Artist’s impression of the surroundings of the supermassive black hole in NGC 3783” by M. Kornmesser, European Southern Observatory. CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. In a Relative Way | CollTales

    […] over how to explain what they see. Maybe one day, Einstein’s Relativity and Planck’s Quantum Mechanics will combine to perfectly explain the world as a whole, the way each explains the macro and micro […]

  2. Brian McLen

    re: “In 1993, Einstein became one of the first scientists to voice warnings about the terrors of the forthcoming Nazi regime.” 1993 is obviously a typo. What is the correct date?

  3. Adriaan Michiel (At) de lange

    The best I have ever seen on the relationship between Planck and Einstein. It made me realize that they are (even after death) the best examples in the scientific world of the YinYang philosophy in Ancient china.
    I myself am writing a book on solving the world’s biggest problem today 10 million dying every year of hunger and diseases. Nations wanting to start the third world war to to satisfy their greed. Hungry people, whether for wealth or food, do crazy things.
    Best wishes
    At de Lange

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  5. […] even have a doctoral degree or a university teaching position. So, people did not know him. The only person who supported him was Max Planck, who invented the Quantum theory. So, partly due to Planck's backing, Einstein soon became known […]

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