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Hurst Publishers: 5 academic books that changed the world


What is the future of academic publishing? We’re celebrating University Press Week (8-14 November 2015) and Academic Book Week (9-16 November) with a series of blog posts on scholarly publishing from staff and partner presses. Today, we present selections from our partner Hurst Publishers.

Which books have changed the world? Given our news today, one might expect that books no longer have as great an impact on it. ISIS has Syria in turmoil and refugees are making their way to Europe; the United States is gearing up for an election that may determine the future for many others around the globe; China is changing in rapid and unexpected ways, with political and economic consequences rippling around the world. Books, however, play a key role in exploring these contemporary issues, leading to new theories, new investigations, new revelations, and new predictions. Here are five titles from Hurst Publishers that offer such academic analysis on pressing issues.

Photos by Sara Levine for Oxford University Press.

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