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Space, place, and policing [interactive map]

“For policing scholars, space, places, and the physical and social environment have served as significant contextual backdrops,” state Cynthia Lum and Nicholas Fyfe, special editors of the Policing Special Issue.

To mark Policing’s new collection on “Space, Place, and Policing: Exploring Geographies of Research and Practice”, we’ve put together a map showcasing the global and place-based approaches the journal’s contributors have taken towards policing research. The development of crime pattern theories along with technologies, including computerized crime mapping have provided police researchers and practitioners with further understanding of the causes of crime and a fresh perspective on how to address these issues.

Explore the map below to discover 15 articles from Policing’s archive on geographical approaches to policing and its research. Click on each pin to discover an article focused on, or researched at, that location.

Featured image: May Day March and Occupy Chicago by Mikasi. CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr.

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