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Neuroscience, Botticelli, and marizpan: Darra Goldstein on sugar and sweets

When trying to gauge someone’s personality, a few well-phrased questions are sometimes all it takes to light the fire of passions within someone. We had the pleasure of speaking with Darra Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets, and asked her a number of questions that reveal what “bakes her cake.” She reveals her fascination for neuroscience and animal biology; why we should care whether the marzipan we get from the store is “real” or not; and what types of chocolate she prefers. To get a sense of who Darra Goldstein is, unless you have the opportunity to meet her in person, we suggest watching through the following videos.

How do humans, cats, and cockroaches taste sweetness?

Darra Goldstien on Botticelli’s depiction of a wedding feast

Darra Goldstein on why she loves marzipan

Lightning round questions with Darra Goldstein: getting to know the Editor-in-Chief

Headline image: Photo by Jakub Kapusnak via FoodiesFeed.

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