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Common infectious diseases contracted by travellers worldwide [infographic]

This summer intrepid travelers everywhere are strapping on backpacks, dousing themselves in mosquito spray, and getting their inoculations — ready to embark on journeys that will take them into contact with some of the most virulent viruses and nastiest bacteria on the planet. Even those of us who aren’t going off the beaten track may end up in close quarters with microbes we’d rather not befriend. Explore some of the most common infectious diseases around the globe and how to identify them in this infographic.


Download the infographic as an interactive pdf or jpg.

Headline image credit: Mosquito. CC0 via Pixabay.

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  1. DrManzoor

    Malaria is still a threat to the world health and the reason behind this is majority of malaria parasite occur in the third world countries… This infographic is very useful and it show us how westren world has eradicated some of the common infectious diseases…WHO and Other health organizations need to work on these issues especially in the third world countries like india Pakistan nepal Afghanistan and african nations…

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