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Five years of Labour opposition

The 7 May 2015 marks the conclusion of a long and challenging five years for Ed Miliband as leader of the opposition. After one of the worst defeats in the party’s history in May 2010, he took over as the new leader of the Labour party with the mission to bring the party back into power after only one term in opposition. A difficult task at the best of times, Miliband’s political mandate was made even harder due to internal tensions between Blairites and Brownites, Blue Labour and New Labour, as well as many voters blaming the previous Labour government for the economic state of the country immediately after the 2010 election.

Five years later, with the election fast approaching, Ed Miliband’s mission is entering its final stages. Tasked with restoring faith in Labour across a wide range of issues, Miliband—alongside his fellow candidates—has been put under a microscope, his political history a matter of public record. The timeline below is a look at the key events of Ed Miliband’s time as leader of the opposition and his attempt to put Labour back into power.

Image Credit: “Houses of Parliament” by Andrew Vella. CC BY NC-SA 2.0 via Flickr.

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