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Four steps to singing like a winner

Singing like a winner is what every emerging professional aspires to do. Yet there are so many hardships and obstacles; so much competition and heartache; so many bills to pay that more people sing like whiners than winners. To be fair, the pressures on singers in the 21st century are great. Research shows that only 6% of university-trained singers will gain management five to seven years after graduation. How will you forge a successful career against all odds? The answer is to sing like a winner every time you sing. 

Here are four steps that may help you sing like a winner right now:

Know your strengths and milk them.

If you can rock high C’s night or day, with a cold or after a break up, make sure your repertoire has lots of high C’s. When you perform, show the audience, panel, or judges that you know you have those C’s in the bag. Savor them. Linger over them. Milk them for all you’ve got. The same goes with any special super power you have as a singer. Can you sing long phrases on one breath? Milk it. Can you sing runs faster than a speeding bullet? Milk it. Find your super power as a singer and show it off every time you sing.

Insert your personality for authenticity.

I’m not talking about Rosina’s personality; I’m not talking about Leporello’s personality; I’m talking about your personality. Figure out what you are known for and then, as the song says, let it go. Don’t hold back on being yourself. Are you known for acting silly? Goofy? Are you serious as a heart attack? Is your quirk being very picky or prickly? Are you like Droopy or any one of the seven dwarfs? Find ways to build the quality that is unique to you into your performance. It’s not like you are hiding it anyway. But wouldn’t it be great to really exaggerate that trait essentially turning your annoyingly adorable personality quirk into a strength on stage? Just ask your friends how they would describe you. Get two or three opinions until you find the trait that fits and then make it work for you every time you sing.

Female singer on stage. © IPGGutenbergUKLtd via iStock.
Female singer on stage. © IPGGutenbergUKLtd via iStock.

Approach every singing opportunity like a winner.

According to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, spiritual teacher and guide: “Whether you feel you are winning or losing ultimately depends on the way you approach things and the way you let them approach you.” Yes, I know, you lost your passport, got your luggage stolen, you have cramps, and the soprano ahead of you is wearing your same dress. You have a choice: you can either approach this singing opportunity like a loser and let it all get to you; or you can approach it like a winner with good humor and optimism and let it all roll off your back. This career is really and truly hard. Developing a strategy to approach it and let it approach you like a winner is one of your super powers. Use it every time you sing.

Have fun in the moment.

Let go of all possible rewards just for the time the music is playing. Make it your goal to go into that magical, musical, best-of-all-possible world where you are already a king or queen as soon as you hear the opening ambrosial sounds of your intro. Enjoy that magic. There is no judge or jury because it’s your world and you are too busy having a blast painting the scenery with your singing, or creating a moment of true love or heartbreak to worry about anything else. You are playing. You are having the time of your life. Don’t worry, the music will end and you can go back to your real life drama in three to five minutes; but for now, have a ball, and everyone listening to you will have a ball too.

Of course singing like a winner is within everyone’s power. You’d be amazed at how many singers don’t realize all the power they actually have. The world needs that special sound that only comes from your strength, personality, unique approach, and ability to have fun. Now that’s power. Sing like a winner every time you sing and see what happens.

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