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Fairy tales explained badly

What are the strange undercurrents to fairy tales like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? In November 2014, we launched a #fairytalesexplainedbadly hashtag campaign that tied in to the release of Marina Warner’s Once Upon a Time: A Short History of the Fairy Tale. Hundreds of people engaged with the #fairytalesexplainedbadly hashtag on Twitter, sparking a fun conversation on the different ways in which fairy tale stories could be perceived. While the tweets began on 24 November and they continued to roll in until January this year. We loved reading everyone’s wildly different take on these classic stories and chose a selection of the best tweets for you to enjoy below.

Wish you’d taken part? Why not post your own #fairytalesexplainedbadly synopsis in the comments below? We look forward to reading them!

Featured image credit: Trees at sunrise. Public domain via Pixabay.

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