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A very short trivia quiz

In order to celebrate Trivia Day, we have put together a quiz with questions chosen at random from Very Short Introductions online. This is the perfect quiz for those who know a little about a lot. The topics range from Geopolitics to Happiness, and from French Literature to Mathematics. Do you have what it takes to take on this very short trivia quiz and become a trivia master? Take the quiz to find out…

[slickquiz id=68]

We hope you enjoyed testing your trivia knowledge in this very short quiz.

Headline image credit: Pondering Away. © GlobalStock  via iStock Photo.

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  1. John

    I must disagree with your ευδαιμονία question, as two of the answers fit the Greek word perfectly as different philosophers and contexts give it a wide range (check your own Lewis and Short Greek lexicon).

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