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Keeping caffeinated for International Coffee Day

Of all the beverages favored by Oxford University Press staff, coffee may be the lifeblood of our organization. From the coffee bar in the Fairway of our Oxford office to the coffee pots on every floor of the New York office, we’re wired for work. Here’s a brief gallery of employees with their preferred roast — grabbed from a street cart, made to order, or part of an elaborate weekly routine.

coffee group

Oxford staff are ready for their next meeting!


“My cappuccino from the OUP coffee bar in my Shakespeare insults mug – so I can fire creative insults and keep caffeinated at the same time…you canker-blossom!”
Hannah Charters, Senior Marketing Executive, Online Product Marketing


“An Americano from the OUP espresso bar. The mug shows the mantra I like living by!”
Rachel Fenwick, Associate Marketing Manager, Online Product Marketing

Coffee Selfie

“Tall Pike in a Grande cup from Starbucks”
Jennifer Bernard, Assistant Online Marketing Manager


“A Vacuum Pot Coffee at Edison Food and Drink Lab, Tampa Florida”
Erin Rabbit, Designer, Creative Services, Marketing

Ryan - Intl Coffee Day

“Grabbing coffee with a friend is one of my favorite pastimes. Good conversation over an even better coffee is the best! I’m a huge fan of locally owned coffee shops, so I always find myself recommending the Stumptown Coffee on E 8th downtown. I splurge and get the largest latte I can—iced or hot, depending on the season. The flavor is so strong! It’s a kick in the face. Otherwise, my typical go to is a cup, (or 2…or 3) of any flavored Keurig coffee in the OUP office. No match to Stumptown, but it does the job. I grew up in the south, so I like my coffee southern-style—lots of sugar and cream. Props to Mom and Dad for the sweet mug!”
Ryan Cury, Assistant Marketing Manager


“Always opt for an espresso mid-afternoon for two equally important reasons. Firstly, it provides the boost I need to conquer the remains of the day and, secondly, it makes me feel like a giant when drinking.”
Dan Parker, Social Media Marketing Executive


“I enjoy a standard Americano with cold milk. Because: I can’t be done with faffy coffee.”
Kirsty Doole, Publicity Manager


“Mine was a salted caramel mochaccino.”
Simon Thomas, Content Marketing Executive, Dictionaries


“Mine was a lovely frothy milky latte – filling and delicious!”
Kate Farquhar-Thomson, Publicity Director


“Decaf filter coffee, for those times when you think three coffees in three hours might be too much.”
Nicola Burton, Publicity Manager


“Put that pungent brew to your lips and feel the satisfaction.”
Sam Blum, Publicity Assistant and member of the Fresh Pots Society

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