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Discussing proprietary estoppel: promises and principles

What is the legal strength of a spoken promise? This thorny terrain is one of the major concerns of proprietary estoppel, a branch of land law that governs the rights to land without valid methods of transfer, such as a trust or a will. Ben MacFarlane, Professor of Law at University College London, discusses the different strands and principles within proprietary estoppel, and identifies interesting areas of development in this practice.

On ‘The Law of Proprietary Estoppel’

On the structure of the Law of Proprietary Estoppel

What are the different types of estoppel?

On Walton v Walton, and the law of proprietary estoppel

How proprietary estoppel relates to trust law

What are the new developments in proprietary estoppel?

Ben McFarlane is a Professor of Law, at University College London. He has taught in Oxford since 1999 and has published widely on proprietary estoppel, as well as addressing legal practitioners on the subject. He is the author of The Law of Proprietary Estoppel.

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