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The relationship between poverty and everyday violence

How do we see poverty? Most people envision global poverty as dirty shacks, hungry children, a lack of schools, and rampant disease. But as Gary A. Haugen, founder and president of International Justice Mission, explains in the videos below, there is another phenomenon hidden beneath the surface. Rather than catastrophic forms of violence in civil war, unrest, or even genocide, insidious forms of violence in everyday life make the poor even more vulnerable. The fear of violence during a walk to school, a simple shopping trip, or a morning store opening slowly destroys individuals and the society. What happens when common people are unable to turn to the police or the courts? In The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence, Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros uncover a massive international problem and the struggle to make common poor people safe from violence.

How did your experience investigating the Rwandan genocide impact you?

What is everyday violence?

What are we missing about the reality of poverty?

Why is there so much violence against the poor?

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  1. Rev. George C. Gilbert, Jr.

    Ideas to end poverty:

    1. Training for jobs that’s coming not for jobs that are on their way out.
    2. Teaching in schools that don’t teach our kids to be good workers but inventors and thinkers that expose them to other lifestyles and technology.
    3. Affordable housing that is not inflated
    4. Healthy foods and restaurants at affordable cost
    5. College college college
    6. The talented ten come back to the neighborhoods they were brought up in.
    7. Change laws that are geared to keep the poor poor

  2. Stan Rowland

    I am reading your book now. Your case is focused on extreme poverty under $2.00 a day.

    Can you direct me to where I might find the same link between violence and poverty but as it relates to poverty we have here in the USA?

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