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A voyage in letters [infographic]

The 17th century saw great, heroic voyages of discovery — voyages into the unknown, voyages potentially into the abyss. The 18th century saw a slow transformation in travel — if for no other reason than the incremental improvement and progress in the methods of travel. The world was gradually encompassed into the realm of the known, or at least of the knowable. No longer were vast spaces of the earth truly terra incognita. They might as yet be unexplored, harbouring surprises of their own, but these places and their peoples became part of current time and space, of everyday existence and experience. Take a journey across this early modern world and explore tens of thousands of letters from this period with Electronic Enlightenment!

EE Infographic Journey SM

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Electronic Enlightenment (EE) is an unparalleled, evolving resource that brings the past to life, allowing you to explore both the relationships and the movement of ideas in the early modern period through its web of correspondence. This vast online searchable collection of inter-connected letters and documents range from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries, giving you unprecedented access to some of the world’s great historical “conversations”.

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